FRIEZA 4TH FORM HQS+ - Tsume Art - The Little Things
FRIEZA 4TH FORM HQS+ - Tsume Art - The Little Things



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This typical landscape, with its luminous green water and blue hills, indicates that the Galactic Tyrant is on Namek, the home planet of the Nameless Namekian, where he travels with the aim of finding the Dragons Balls.

Greedily decimating every village on his way, we can see him here deploying all his strength to exterminate his fierce opponent: Son Goku!
Determined to annihilate him, he finally sets out to destroy the entire planet in order to win his fight against the Super Saiyan.

Being able to survive in space, he will sacrifice any life on Namek’s surface, for his greatest pleasure! Thus, through his aura and in his final form, the sadistic tyrant creates an exponentially powerful Death Ball in transparent resin, in searing blood red tones, illuminated and surrounded by dark lightning. Respecting the very essence of Frieza, his pose, both iconic and unique, shows him carrying death at arm’s length. His murderous madness and visceral desire for total destruction animates his bloodthirsty gaze as he is preparing to annihilate this planet by projecting all his devastating power into its heart ...

Then, the dying planet turns into a ticking time bomb, which in only 5 minutes, will be defused and swallowed up by the inhospitable coldness and interstellar vacuum of space.
The immeasurable power of the impact generates shock waves capable of lifting the ocean’s waters, here in transparent resin and green shades, while the magnificent mountain plains of this suffocating planet gradually crumble into the oblivion of the darkest, vastest and most bruised of all oceans, that of an infinite nothingness!

ETA 2023