Cancellation Policy

  1. Order cancellation is subject to the approval of Little Things Trading LLC.


  1. Cancellation of orders should be done within 24 hours from placing the order. It is NOT possible to cancel part of your order. The entire order will be cancelled and you will be asked to re-purchase required quantity to fulfill transaction.


  1. All cancellations are subject to a cancellation charge/bank transaction charge of 5%of your total order value. 


  1. Your receipt of an electronic or any order confirmation does not signify our final acceptance of your order and Little Things Trading LLC reserves the right at any time after the receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason.


  1. Although we have an automated inventory system, Little Things Trading LLC  reserves the right at any time after your order, to cancel the order due to limited stocks. The team will reach out to you as soon as possible in the event that your order I cancelled due to inventory shortfall. We also have the right to either supply you less than the quantity you ordered or cancel your order with prior notice to you.


  1. There are circumstances when the company might have to cancel a particular order.