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Nanoleaf - Shapes - Triangles - Starter Kit - White - 9 Pack


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The intelligent Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles lighting system creates a unique symphony of lights and music right in your home. Connect individual parts to each other and control the entire device via application or touch. The panels only work together with the Nanoleaf TRIANGLES control unit. An elegant solution to improve the design and intelligent lighting of your interior. Introducing a whole new range of shapes that offer many combinations. Rhythm Scenes allows you to connect with your favorite music - a real-time music visualizer, which is then projected on Aurora RGBW panels and creates a symphony of lights and music. LayoutDetect ™ Nanoleaf's exclusive technology that enables smooth color transitions in real time. Improved fastening system with built-in double-sided tape. Thanks to the RGB function, it is possible to select and combine 16+ million colors. Communication interfaces: Apple HomeKit + Siri, Google Home + Google Assistant, Razer Synapse, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, Homey, Flic. Package contains: 9x light panel, 9x mounting plate, 10x double-sided adhesive tape, 10x connecting connector, 1x power supply, 1x manual.