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Scratch Map Of The World


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First came Hello Map, which taught you how to greet people in over 200 countries but really, where's the fun in that?

So now, we're teaching you to SWEAR in over 200 languages!

With a censored top layer that'll stop you from getting into trouble when your nan comes to visit, remove the foil to reveal far more colorful language. With a detailed legend and full list of our favourite swear words from around the globe, it's time to get your potty mouth on.


Paper, laminate, coloured foil


59.4cm x 82.5cm

  • Unique swear words from each country

  • Over 200 languages & dialects to discover

  • English translations & definitions in the key

  • Premium removable foil

  • Glossy high-quality finish

  • Attractive gift-tube packaging