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PS4 : Naruto to Boruto - Shinobi Striker

PS4 : Naruto to Boruto - Shinobi Striker

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NARUTO TO BORUTO : SHINOBI STRIKER is a multiplayer online game set in the universe of Naruto. Players will have the pleasure of fighting with their favourite characters and discovering a new gameplay style set in thrilling 3D environments with a completely new graphic style!

Cooperate with your friends to become the greatest Shinobi!

Key Features
  • Enjoy a new graphic style with more vivid colours for characters, maps and ninjutsu!
  • Take advantage of the environment’s verticality by jumping and running onto the wall and the maps.
  • Challenge players from all over the world with your friends in 4VS4 battles.
  • Barrier Battle – The attacking team must unlock the Seal Pile on the map while the defending team attempts to stop them. Unlocking the seal will summon a boss character for the attacking team to defeat.
  • Flag Battle – Seize the flag from the enemy’s territory and bring it back to your team’s base.
  • Sub Mode “Mission” – Cooperate with friends to clear different mission objectives.