Kotobukiya : The Defenders Series Daredevil Artfx+ Statue - Kotobukiya - The Little Things
Kotobukiya : The Defenders Series Daredevil Artfx+ Statue - Kotobukiya - The Little Things

Kotobukiya : The Defenders Series Daredevil Artfx+ Statue

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Kotobukiya’s Marvel Comics ARTFX+ Statues have brought you Avengers, X-Men, and most recently Spider-Man and characters from his world, but now we turn our attention to the street-level heroes of the Defenders.  Kicking off this 1/10th scale quartet based on a brand new illustration by Marvel artist Dale Keown is none other than the protector of Hell’s Kitchen, DAREDEVIL!  Matt Murdock grew up poor but idealistic in the rough neighborhood of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, and he was sorely tested by the death of his father and being blinded by radioactive ooze in a freak accident.  However, that injury would also enhance the boy’s other senses, and with training and razor-sharp focus, he would become an expert martial artist.  Honing his craft by night while working as a lawyer by day, Murdock defends the innocent and puts away the bad guys as the scarlet-suited Daredevil.  With a career stretching back to 1964 and now appearing in multiple Netflix series, Daredevil is a mainstay of the Marvel Universe and now leaps into the ARTFX+ Statue lineup!

The “Man without Fear” will do almost anything to protect Hell’s Kitchen, and he appears here in a martial arts stance as he uses his radar sense to scan for bad guys.  Daredevil stands with his feet spread apart in a slight crouch, hands extended out to his sides while he cocks his head to listen to the world around him. 

  • The athletic hero has an incredibly detailed sculpt showing off every muscle and sinew, while his dazzling red costume is perfect down to the last detail with its boots, gloves, belts, and holsters, and raised “DD” logo on his chest
  • Daredevil’s face captures Murdock’s intensity perfectly beneath the costume’s distinctive horns, his head cocked slightly as though he can hear crime even before it happens.  In each outstretched hand, the hero grips one end of his modified billy club tightly, while a length of its retractable cord whips in front of him in a dynamic motion!
  • Daredevil stands almost 7 ½ inches tall (1/10th scale) with magnets in his feet providing perfect stability on the included display base