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Hunter X Hunter: Netero VS Meruem Statue


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The world premiere Hunter x Hunter statue by Figurama Collectors portrays the cataclysmic duel between the two most powerful characters—Chimera Ant King Meruem and the grand master of the Shingen-ryū school of kung fu, Netero.

Having exchanged over 1,000 blows in one minute, both combatants brace for a final, decisive clash. Meruem rushes Netero with supersonic speed,
deadly barbed stinger and bone-crushing hands prepped for the kill, while the 12th Chairman counters Meruem’s vicious onslaught by activating his multi-armed 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva from the rocky pinnacle of the underground tomb.

The 69.9 cm (27.5 inch) battlefield explodes in a cloud of blinding debris beneath a giant Ninety-Ninth Hand palm strike, revealing a Gungi board—symbolic of the Chimera Ant Arc’s emotional climax and Meruem’s special connection with Komugi.