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iPega Gaming Headset (Red Camo)


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1. This product is suitable for N-Switch, N-Switch-Lite, PS4, PC, XBox One series, mobile phones and other 3.5mm
Audio-visual equipment with the audio interface;
2. Ultra-thin speaker diaphragm, surround sound, high sound quality design;
3. High-sensitivity noise-reduction microphone design, the joystick can be retracted, and the voice is more accurate, clear and smooth;
4. Comes with a telescopic rod, which can easily adjust the tightness of the head to adapt to different groups of people;
5. Soft leather earmuffs and single leather sheathed head pads are delicate to touch and comfortable to wear;
6. Adjustable volume dial, let the sound do whatever you want:
7. With microphone switch function.