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Digivolving Spirits 05 -AlphaMon-


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Digimon deformed figure now evolves super

- [Super Evolutionary Soul] The 5th is a phantom Royal Knights [Alfamon]!

- Pursuing the limit of [Digimon] of evolution before the evolution which is the attraction of Digimon and [Alphamon of after evolution] to the limit.
- Ultimate collector's item that encompasses surprise and enjoyment as a perfect deformation figure without replacement appears.

- proportion -
Alfamon which becomes the fifth bullet proceeding design and design newly as a lineup which had not been released in the past super evolution series.
At the time of Dormone, shaping that emphasized cuteness, Alfamon realized a silhouette that is not defeated to the action figure by shaping the commitment that further brushed up from SHFiguarts.

In the super evolution spirit, we also pursue a sense of texture when taken in hands.
Use die-casting for head parts, chest parts, rings on the left and right arms, knee parts, various joints, etc. and highlight texture.
Furthermore, while taking advantage of the molding color, the black part of the main body makes it a luxurious finish with matte texture.

- Super Evolution -
Not only paintings that have been applied until fine detail, as well as changes in body color before and after evolution from Dolmon to Alfamon are reproduced as much as possible with perfect deformation gimmick of replacement pear.

Left and right wrist parts to produce Alfamon's Special Move [Digitally-Owned Soul] and a pedestal at the time of Dormone are also included as optional parts.

- set content
· Main body
· Dolmond exclusive pedestal
· Replacement wrist parts left and right