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Nothing stands a chance in the path of the Demolisher! This remote control vehicle combines caterpillar track drive with remote control technology to give the Demolisher Turbo Plus the ability to tackle any obstacle in its way. The Demolisher is equipped with a mechanism that enables it to alter the shape of the caterpillar tracks and lowers the spoiler wings to become a shield during high speed collisions. All terrain tracks let you race anywhere for destruction fun. With its black and silver finish and light up LED headlight watch those toys scarper as you crush your way through your neighbourhood. Suitable for ages 8+ this is the perfect gift for kids, and their big kid dads! Please note - 9,6V battery pack requires an 8 hour charge before use. Contents: 1 x vehicle, 1 x remote controller (27MHz transmitter), 1 x 9,6V rechargeable battery pack for vehicle, 1 x charger for 6V battery pack, 1 x 9V battery for remote controller, 1 x instruction manual.

- For children ages 8 years and over
- All terrain power, high speed agility
- Shape changing caterpillar track mechanism
- All you need to get demolishing is in the box
- Perfect gift for big kids and big kid dads!