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Bloody : P81s RGB Animation Gaming Mouse

OSKBL - 950510

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Light Strike Technology

Innovative LK(Light Strike) technology uses Infrared-Micro-Switch to react at light speed with extreme 0.2ms click response, can never be surpassed!


Infrared-Wheel can turn millions of times in its lifespan, and be actuated with the exact same precision as a mouse button.

Adjustable 8000 CPI

Adjustable resolution 100 - 8000 CPI, designed for various screen demand preference.

The Power of RGB Lighting

Made to give you all the freedom you need to set yourself apart, your Bloody RGB Animation opens up a world of extreme personalization possibilities. The lighting effects are programmable individually with 16.8 million color options, all easily set through Bloody 6.

Default Preloaded 5 RGB Lighting Effects

5 Types of lighting effects are preloaded by default. Adjust the lighting effects by raising up the mouse and pressing [1] to rotale.

6 Weapon Modes of Left Key

You can control 6 weapon modes with Left Key by presetting 1 / N / 3 / scroll button / 2 side buttons via Bloody Mouse Software.

6 Sniper Modes

Instant upgrade sniping techniques by applying 6 powerful sniping modes.

No Double-Click

The output is zero-bouncing, improves metal switch double-click issue.

Metal X'Glide Armor Boot

Armor Boot eliminate friction on nearly any surface for smoother motions, precise cursor movements and improved accuracy.

Invincible 4 Core

"Innovative Unique 4-Core System offers 4 Levels: Low, High, Ultra, and Extreme"". Suitable for MMO,RPG,FPS and All Kinds of Game. Purchase to upgrade to Ultra-Core 3 to access the feature of 5-way Gun Adjustments,6 Sniper Modes for FPS shooting games and Quick 1-Key Execution of Macros in MMO games."


Designed to redefine the standards of accuracy and speed, this awesome mouse engine crushes the competition. Engineered to give you the unfair advantage in intense gameplay. With Bloody devices you react faster and are always a step ahead of your opponents.


  •  Sensor: BC3332-S Gaming Engine
  •  Resolution: 100~8,000 CPI
  •  Frame Speed: Adjustable
  •  Acceleration: 25 g
  •  Tracking Speed: 150 ips
  •  Report Rate: 125~2,000 Hz
  •  Key Response: 0.2 ms


  •  Micro-Switch: Over 20 Million Clicks ( Left / Right Button )
  •  Infrared-Wheel: Over 1 Million Scrolls
  •  Metal X'Glide Armor Boot: Over 300 Kms