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Artfx J Hao Shaman King


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-From the popular comic [Sherman King] celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018, [Hao] is three-dimensional based on an illustration drawn by Hiroyuki Takei!
-Under the thorough supervision of Hiroyuki Takei, I stuck to every detail, including the cloak expression and knee angle.
-The parts that are not visible in the cape are faithfully reproduced, and the posture and body shape are more like [Hao], and the finish is as if it came out of the illustration.
-The spirit of fire in the soul mode is also meticulously reproduced, and the clear expression with clear parts is attractive.
-If you look closely, you must see the shape that seems to be floating in Hao's palm.
-In addition to the figures, the illustrations drawn for the figures are a must-see for fans.
-The base can be connected to [Asakura], which is sold separately, so that you can see the world of [Sherman King] even further by arranging the two.

-Prototype production: Tatsuya Hattori
-Production cooperation: Kotobukiya