Anime Day: Good Smile Company

Anime Day: Good Smile Company


Hey there! Keysan here. Let’s talk about Good Smile Company!

Whether you’re already collecting figures or someone that is looking into figures – Good Smile Company figures are one of the staples in every Anime collection in existence. Their figures come in three different instances: Nendoroid, Pop Up Parade and Figma.

But before I tell you about their different iconic designs, let’s first dive into a little history.


How Did Good Smile Company Start

Did You Know? Good Smile Company was not a figure company at first!

Based on owner Aki Takanori, Good Smile Company was originally an event management and talent agency in 2001. WHAT? Surprising right? I know, I thought the same thing. But don’t worry! The company’s history starts on the track we know it as after their first year. The company began working with Max Factory on hobby related products, eventually releasing their first figure in 2004. This was the building of the foundation for the Good Smile Company that we know today.

Okay, that’s enough of the history lesson!

Let’s take a look at those models!


What Is Nendoroid

Ahhh. Nendoroid. The exemplary figure of Good Smile Company.  Nendoroids are characterized by their oversized heads and interchangeable expressions akin to “chibi” characters, all within an adorable 10cm package.  The Nendoroid is revered by Anime fans all over the world for its striking simplicity and rigid build!

Released back in 2006 during the Tokyo Wonder Festival (where model kits and sculptures are promoted) the first ever Nendoroid was a “Nendoroid Neko Arc” from the video game franchise Tsukihime.

Over 16 years later, Good Smile Company have made over 1600 models of Nendoroids. They have even expanded outside of Japanese media onto Western franchises with Nendoroid models for Frozen and Overwatch characters just to name a few!

Looking through various forums and communities, Nendoroids provide that luxury and premium figure treatment that collectors around the world love to take pride in.


What Is Pop Up Parade

Good Smile Company’s latest venture, the Pop Up Parade series, present figures on the other side of the spectrum. If Nendoroids are tiny, artsy, and a bit on the luxury side, Pop Up Parade offers a much more realistic figure of popular Anime and Japanese franchises, all at an affordable cost for any anime fan!

Pop Up Parade My Hero Academia

Launched only 2 years ago, Good Smile Company envisioned Pop Up Parade figures as collectibles that are more easily accessible to the masses without any compromises to quality and appeal. This new line attempts to bring their vision to life by recreating faithful reenactments of any given character within a 17cm stature.

Pop Up Parade figures have quickly risen in popularity due to its affordability as well as their already massive coverage of global media.  The line strikes a perfect balance between quality and price, allowing the statues to fit on the shelves of any collector, aspiring or veteran!

Pop Up Parade Eren YeagerPop Up Parade Hatsune Miku


What Is Figma

Figma brings us the best of both worlds. Think of it as THE premium action figure from Good Smile Company.

Released back in 2008, this line is what would be Max Factory’s brainchild. Together with Good Smile Company, they created the Figma series. A high quality series which focuses on articulated action figures, complete with the charm of interchangeable parts from Nendoroids, and the realistic aspect of Pop Up Parade figures.

Figma 519: Nadeshiko Kagamihara

Although at the steeper end of the price spectrum, Figma figures show no compromise when it comes to the posing possibilities. I think Figma ultimately defines “action figure” as it doesn’t limit us to any one pose, truly putting the “action” in “action figure.

Here are some creative photos that I found from the Figma community online!

Ok, I Want One.


If you’ve known about The Little Things for a while, chances are you already know that we offer all the latest and upcoming Nendoroid, Pop Up Parade, and Figma figures. If not, well, now you do! If you’re looking for a sign to start building your figure collection or expand it even more, this is it. I look forward to meeting you in our stores!  ;)


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