UFO Robot Black Grendizer HQS+ By Tsume, from UFO Robot Grendizer! Exclusive on The Little Things!

ONLY in TheLittleThings Middle East Exclusive! 

Included one statue Grendizer, his Double Harken, the base with a MiniFO, an LED lighting system in the head, luxury packaging and a numbered metal plate in limited edition.

We announced the license during Tsume Fan Days 3. Here comes our tribute to one of the heroes who started the Japanimation-mania in Europe, Goes Nagai's masterpiece, UFO Robot Grendizer. Check out this awesome 80cm high statue full of surprises!

Grendizer is the third giant robot invented by Go Nagai (author of Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger) in 1975. It became famous in Europe in the late 70s with the anime being aired on TV. For the 40th anniversary of the manga, Tsume is proud to show its most ambitious collector statue!

Grendizer is an almost 80cm giant robot made in resin, on a base featuring floor and a crashed MiniFO (Vega's ship). He's holding his Double Harken in both his hand and an LED lighting system highlight the cockpit where you can see Duke Fleed, ready to fight!

Grendizer's ultimate fans may enjoy this ultra collector item which includes splendid elements to customize your statue: an extra pair of arms with Screw Crusher Punch, an extra head with Space Thunder and of course, you can match Grendizer with Koji's Double Spazer on his back!

Tsume Wave Dubai Exclusive Black Grendizer (HQS)

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