The “Toy Story” characters now combine to form a mighty giant robot–Sheriff Star!

Height: about 160mm
Forming the core of the robot is the well-known town sheriff, Woody! His hat is an airship. He is the control center of the robot.

Height: about 170mm
Bullseye forms the chest and right arm, and supports the robot. His arm can dish out a knockout punch with his finishing move, “Bassha Punch”!

Slinky dog
Height: about 120mm
With his characteristic spring body, Slinky Dog forms the left arm and can use the arresting move, “Star Wrapper”!

Height: about 220mm
Solidly forming the right let is Rex! His knee spike can pulverize enemies. Usually nervous, when combined with friends, he’s full of courage!

Height: about 100mm
Hamm is the left leg. He can shred enemies with his coin saw. His built-in thrusters help support his movement.

The included storybook is a first-release bonus, and will not be included with any later releases of this toy.

Please note: The story book will be in Japanese.

This is the peaceful town where Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and their friends all live. But suddenly, the rampaging kaiju, Giant Trixie, appeared!

Transitron, who came all the way from Japan, tried to fight the monster, but alone, he was struggling…Just then, the town sheriff Woody appeared! He was joined by, Bullseye, Slinky Dog, Rex and Hamm, and they all teamed up to fight the monster!

Comicave Toy Story Chogokin Woody Robo Sheriff Star

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